Starjuice Aromatherapy is the creation of Darcey Pickard, Certified Aromatherapist & LMP. Darcey first discovered the power of aromatherapy and essential oils at a natural health store in College Park, MD, in 1991. She has been blending ever since! After moving to Seattle in 1996, Darcey immersed herself in the world of holistic health and aromatherapy while attending Brian Utting School of Massage. Since opening her own massage practice in 1999, Darcey has continued to study aromatherapy through classes, reading, and experimenting with blends in her practice. In summer 2008, she completed her Masters Apprenticeship Aromatherapy Certification.

A full-time mom and "entrepreness," Darcey lives in West Seattle with her handsome husband Peter (a New Zealand import), her awesome cutey of a son Holden, and their trusty pooch Rocco. In her spare time she likes to play piano, garden, practice yoga, eat good food with great friends, and get massages & pedicures. (Oh, if there was only more spare time!)

Darcey's vision? To provide people with high quality, fun, hip products rooted in the history and tradition of aromatherapy. "I've always believed in holistic health—treating the whole person and unlocking people's innate power to heal themselves. Starjuice enables me to share this philosophy with the world.


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