rocket snifters

Blast off!
Don’t be fooled by their tiny size. These snifters pack a big punch!
Designed to perfectly fit in your purse, pocket, desk, glove box, etc. Use these concentrated blends like smelling salts to quickly encourage a new state of mind.
Take a whiff right now!

.25 oz bottle – $6.50 each

Available in the following blends:

This soothing duo is perfect when you need to unwind or chill out. Lavender de-stresses and Lemon refreshes.
*Great for plane trips and rush hour traffic!*

This stimulating blend clears your mind and sinuses. Peppermint and Eucalyptus stimulate your mind, while Lemongrass brightens your outlook.
*Also helps calm motion and morning sickness*

Come on get happy... This cheery citrus trio of Pink Grapefruit, Lime and Tangerine will help chase the blues away while Sandalwood rebalances your spirit. Citrus oils act as mood elevators.
*Good for helping depression and the winter blahs*


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