Out of this world!
Wonderfully scented sprays with oh-so-many uses. Here are a few: Body, Clothes, Linens, Car, Office, Bath, Bedroom, the list goes on and on... Whenever and Wherever you need to refresh and rebalance.
Try one or one of each with our NEW Sampler Pack.

4 oz spray bottle – $16.00 each
1 oz spray bottle – $6.00 each
Sampler Pack – $22.00 each

(Sampler Pack consists of four 1 oz spray bottles)

Available in the following blends:

This soothing blend is perfect when you need to unwind and regroup. Lavender de-stresses and Lemon refreshes, while Sandalwood and Rose help soothe the spirit.

A refreshing blend that's great when you need a little pick-me-up. Geranium is balancing and Cedar is grounding, while Petitgrain and Bergamot relieve anxiety and gently stimulate the senses.

This stimulating blend is essential when you need to clear your head. Stimulating Spearmint clears the mind, while a symphony of Red Mandarin, Tangerine and Lime give you a citrus wake-up-call.

This blend will comfort you when you're feeling moody or blue. Rose, Palmarosa and Lavender work together to nurture and soothe, while Red Mandarin helps to release tension and lift your spirits.

Sampler Pack


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